Tools and Apps to help Travel Better with the New Normal

Though the countries are opening, the travellers are still unsure about travelling and forced to think local. Travellers all over the world are preferring closer destinations where they can reach through their private vehicles. Proximity and safety are the new mantras of travel. Some new apps and tools have been introduced to help the travellers have a smooth trip even in these times. They will help adapt and travel with safety in the new normal.

Tips air travellers must know before boarding in the COVID era

While it seems that slowly the travel restrictions are easing and soon there would be not too many rules regarding travel, but we need to understand that the ease is given to us by the Government and not the virus. A simple mistake can cause us and many others around us to suffer. Travelling in the post-COVID-19 scenario, it is necessary to stay informed to avoid catching the virus. According to the WHO, the chances of the virus spreading in an airplane are quite low. The ventilation in aeroplanes ensures a total change in air 20 to 30 times in an hour. The HEPA filters used in hospitals are used to purify the recirculated air in modern aircraft. So, the only way you can catch the virus on the plane is by coming in contact with an infected person or the surfaces touched by them.Here are certain tips to help you travel safely in the COVID era.

Go for a virtual wild adventure this World Environment Day

The world is out of bounds for us to explore this World's Environment Day, but doesn't mean that there's nothing you can do about it. A number of famous national parks are offering virtual safaris. These awe-inspiring virtual tours not only entertain and amaze, but also educate. With this year's theme being biodiversity, let's explore the diverse species and know more about them. So sit back on your couch and get ready to go on a wild adventure.Here is the list of best national park offering virtual tours

Camping can be the safest vacation right now if you follow certain tips

Experts say camping can be the safest vacation you can take right now. But there are still some risks. There are tips that you can follow for a safe camp outside. The experts say that being outdoors is safer as we are not congregating with too many people. But that does not mean that we let our guard down. With certain care tips kept in mind, we can enjoy a perfect camp outdoors with family.

Go on unique adventures at home with these books during lockdown

The lockdown has extended yet again and to us restless souls it is feeling like forever. A while ago, I shared with an article on travel movies to hep you with wanderlust, and this time I am back with a short list of books that would take you on a trip to your favourite destination within the comforts of your room and even change the way you look at travelling. Giving you new insight about destinations or the journey to these destinations.Whenever someone asks me why I enjoy reading so much, I want to sit them down and make them read "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov, where in the last two pages is the letter of the young lawyer explaining how through the books, the banker gave him, he never felt like he was locked in a room for years. How those books took him to different places, made him fall in love and made him realise that the world is a lot more than the materialistic things we always desire for. On the same note, I bring to you a list of books that would take you on little adventures of their own. If the lawyer could survive in a room alone with books for fifteen years, we can too for a few weeks, right?

Travel movies to satisfy your wanderlust during lockdown

Travel movies that would satisfy your wanderlust during lockdown. The title did draw you to this article. Coronavirus outbreak has locked us all in our homes and there is not much we can do. It's like we are stuck in a time loop, getting up every morning lazing around all day going back to sleep. So, as we can't really go out ourselves, let's take a short trip to beautiful destinations with these amazing movies, that won't just satisfy your wanderlust but also give you New destinations to discover.

Tips to Beat the Lockdown Blues for Travellers

Summers were close, all of us had planned our trips with friends, family or solo. But who knew fate had something entirely different planned for us. Many of us had to cancel tickets, hotel bookings and other reservations. This lockdown has affected no one as much as us travellers, the people who loved going out and exploring places. Our trip clothes and shoes are lying in a corner, and our suitcases are covered in dust. We are stuck in our homes for an indefinite period of time. All of this must be giving you the lockdown blues. But I have figured out of a way of beating my blues and thought I must share it with the others of my kind.

Tips for Women Who Love Travelling Solo

When you travel alone, you feel freedom in its real sense. There is no better way to let go of all the worries than spending some quality time with ourselves. Solo travelling has become a common hobby among people as it allows one to explore more and try new things. We understand the biggest concern of a woman who travels alone is safety. So here we bring you a few tips you can follow to travel safely alone.

Tips to Beat Dehydration when Travelling

While water is the best option when it comes to beating dehydration, but how long can one depend on a water bottle especially when you do not know where you will be able to find drinkable water. To help you with that here are certain tips you can take to beat dehydration without having to drink too much water. There are a number of foods that not only hydrate you but also help sustain the fluids in your body so you stay hydrated longer. While there are certain thing you need to avoid drinking or eating to retain the water in your body longer. Scroll down to find out. 

Make Journeys More Memorable with these Gadgets

Packing has always been a bedevilling task when preparing for a vacation. Even if we create a checklist there is always something we forget, for me, it is always my toothbrush. Well even if technology hasn’t yet reached a point where we can ask an android to do the packing for us but it definitely has brought to us some gadgets that require less space and make our travel more fun and easy.  

Bon Voyage: Tips to Avoid the Coronavirus on Cruise

There has been a growing fear of the spread of Coronavirus on cruise ships caused due to recent news about Diamond Princess and MS Westerdam. This has forced the passengers to think that it is better to avoid taking a cruise right now. So to help you, we have a list of precautionary methods you can adopt to protect yourself from catching the CoV and other diseases circulating on the ship. 

Apps that will help make your Every Trip Easy

When you sit down to plan a trip a lot of things rush to your mind like choosing the destination, booking tickets, prices, itinerary and much more. But do not panic let technology do it for you. With travel apps available that help you book flights/trains and hotels, plan itineraries, and even hire travel guides, planning a trip is a whole lot easier.

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