About us

There are thousands of destinations for people who love to roam around the country and the world. You must have visited many of these places and there will be many of which you are still unaware of. If someone wants to woo historic buildings, then someone will want to spend a moment of peace in the lap of nature. Some talk to the wind and want to fly in it, while someone wants to play with the waves while paddle in the rivers. If someone likes mountains touching the sky, then someone likes to dives in the depths of the sea. If someone draws his faith in temples, mausoleums, gurudwaras and churches, then he measures thousands of kilometers for food and drink. We thought why not help us in this. Grasshopper Yatra is a travel and tourism website, through which we will make you 'walk around the world'. Whether it is culture or art, forest or habitation, rivers or deserts, we will introduce you to every aspect of the countries around the world that bring out the stroller hidden in you, and if already traveling If you are fond, then give your information to them.

Grasshopper Yatra started its journey in March 2018 with the country's first Bilingual Travel and Tourism magazine. Today, this magazine has more than two lakh readers in a month. Now we are also stepping into the digital world through the website, so that we can provide a platform for strollers to get information about travel, read travel stories and write stories of travel.

Hopefully, this caravan of Grasshopper's stroller will continue to run like this and many other Humsafars will keep adding to it.