Pitru Paksha is considered very special for Hinduism. The fifteen days of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month are called Pitru Paksha. This time Pitru Paksha started from 10th September. On the days of Pitru Paksha, people perform Shraddh on the death anniversary of their ancestors. It is a religious belief that by performing Shraddh in Pitru Paksha, Pind Daan reaches directly to the ancestors. It is believed that during Pitru Paksha, Yamraj also frees the souls of the ancestors, so that they can be satisfied by living among their descendants on earth and consuming food and water. On the days of Pitru Paksha, people remember their ancestors and perform Pind Daan, tarpan, and charity in their name. It is believed that when people leave their bodies and go away, then for the peace of their souls, Pind Daan and Tarpan are performed in Gaya with reverence. Performing Shraddh in Pitru Paksha is considered important for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. It is said that by giving Pind Daan in Gaya, the ancestors get power and that power helps them to reach heaven hereafter. 55 places across the country are considered important for performing Pind Daan and Shraddh rituals, but the Gaya pilgrimage of Bihar is paramount among them. It is a religious belief that Lord Shri Hari resides here in the form of a father deity. That is why it is also called Pitru Teerth. Due to the importance of Gaya, lakhs of people come here every year to offer Pind Daan to their ancestors. Let us know the reasons behind performing Shraddh Karma in Gaya.   1- Brahma Ji had given a boon to Gayasur, those who donate Pind to their ancestors at this place during the period of Pitru Paksha in Gaya, will get salvation. 2- Dashrath Ji died after Shri Ram Ji went to the forest. During this, Sita Ji had given the body to the phantom soul of Dashrath Ji in Gaya itself. That is why from that time this place is considered paramount for tarpan and pind daan. 3- Knowing the son in Gaya and touching it in the Falgu River leads to the death of the ancestor. 4- By giving the proof of the letter along with the sesame in the Gaya region, the father gets to Akshayalok. By donating Pind here, one gets rid of grave sins like Brahmahatya, Supana, etc. 5- By donating Pind in Gaya one gets the result of Koti Tirtha and Ashwamedha Yagya. Here one can donate Pind to the person doing Shraddh during any period. Also, eating Brahmins here satisfies the ancestors. 6- By shaving before performing Pind Daan in Gaya, one goes to Baikunth, as well as attains work, anger, and salvation. 7- The river Falgu, Tulsi, crow, cow, banyan tree, and Brahmins present in Gayaji testify to the Shraddha rituals performed by them. 8- Mata Sita had done Tarpan in Gaya ji. By donating Pind in Gaya, the soul attains salvation. Hence this place is also called Moksha Sthali. 9- Lord Vishnu himself resides in the form of Pitrudev in Gaya. By performing Shraddh Karma and Tarpan method in Gaya, nothing remains left and the person becomes free from Pitru debt. 10- In Pitru Paksha, those who offer three anjalis of sesame-mixed water to their ancestors, their sins from birth till the day of the tarpan are destroyed.


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated every year with great pomp and enthusiasm. During this, Gajanan is enshrined from the temple in the houses and localities. On Ganesh Chaturthi, the whole atmosphere gets immersed in the devotion of Lord Ganapati. Ganesh Utsav is a 10-day festival, in several cities, the idol of Ganapati is installed, and grand pandals are decorated. During these ten days, Ganpati's cheers are heard resonating everywhere, there is gaiety all over the country with the gusto of the idols of Ganesh Ji. Some people go to Maharashtra for the special Ganesh festival which is celebrated on a large scale in Mumbai. Ganesh pandals will be found all over Mumbai during Ganesh Utsav, people from all over the country come to see these pandals during Ganesh Utsav. If you also want to visit Ganpati, then Maharashtra is the best place for it. Here you can hop to one and then another pandal for Ganpati Puja. Ganesh Chaturthi started on 31st August and will end with Ganpati Visarjan on 9th September. Therefore, one last day you must visit these 5 pandals If you haven’t visited yet.1. LALBAUGCHA RAJAThis is the most famous Ganesh pandal. It started in 1934. This pandal attracts a maximum number of devotees in Mumbai. Every day lakhs of devotees come to this pandal for darshan. Here there are two lines for the devotees, Navas and General Line. The Navas line is for those who wish to worship under the idol of the deity, while the general line is slightly away from the idol.How to reach: This pandal is located on GD Ambedkar Road in Lal Bagh Market, Mumbai. You can get down at Chinchpokli, Curry Road, or Lower Parel station to reach here.2. GANESH GALI MUMBAI CHA RAJAThis pandal is only a short distance away from Lalbaugcha Raja pandal. This pandal was started in 1928. This is one of the most famous Ganesh pandals in Mumbai. It is made every year based on a theme. Here replicas of famous temples of India are made.How to reach: You can get down at Chinchpokli, Curry Road, or Lower Parel station to reach here. The pandal is within walking distance from here.3. KHETWADI CHA RAJAThere are about 13 lanes in Khetwadi where Ganesh Pandal is installed in each street but the 12th street pandal is more famous. A 40 feet high Ganesh idol was made here in 2000. Who was dressed in real gold ornaments? This circle was started in 1959.How to reach: The nearest railway station is Charni Road and Sandhurst Road station. From here you can reach this pandal by walking for 15 minutes or you can take a cab from the station.4. GSB SERVICE KINGS CIRCLE GANPATIIt is also called the Gold Ganesh because the Ganesh idol here is dressed in pure gold ornaments that weigh more than 60 kg. This mandal was started in 1954 by a Brahmin family from Karnataka. A special feature of this mandal is that the Ganesh idol here is made eco-friendly and is made of clay.How to reach: The nearest railway station here is the Wadala station on the Harbor line. From here, this pandal can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.5. ANDHERI CHA RAJAAndheri cha Raja is as important to Mumbai suburbs as Lalbaugcha Raja has to South Mumbai. This pandal is very famous. Many people come here during the ten days of Ganesh Utsav. The decoration here is unique in itself. Ganpati pandals are decorated here every year since 1966 by the workers of three reputed companies. The idol of this mandala is not that huge but has the reputation for fulfilling wishes. Every year this Mandal has a different theme of its Pandal. How to reach: For the darshan of Andheri Cha Raja, you can either get down at Andheri Railway Station or get down at Azad Nagar Metro Station and go to Andheri Sports Complex.


There are many such temples in India whose history is centuries old. Some temple was built in the Ramayana period and some temple in the Krishna period. For centuries, the land of India has been witnessing many such ancient temples. Even today, in every corner of India, you will get to see wonderful temples of ancient gods and goddesses one by one. One of these ancient temples is Shri Gangeshwar Mahadev. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple located in the village of Fadum, 3 km from the city of Diu in the Indian state of Gujarat. It can be known from the name of this temple that this temple is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the Shiva Linga in this temple dates back to the Mahabharata period and was built by the Pandavas. According to mythology, when the five Pandavas were in their exile, this temple was built during that time. It is further said that the five Pandavas used to come here every day to worship Lord Shiva. There are five Shiva lingas in this temple, the Shiva Linga installed in this temple is about 5000 years old. The name of this temple comes from the ancient Shiva temples of Gujarat.This Shiva Linga is situated on the rocks of the beach. When the waves of the sea collide with the Shiva Linga every two seconds, its beauty is made on sight. The environment around this temple is so calm that whenever one enters the courtyard of this temple, one can clearly hear the sound of ocean waves. There are five Shiva Lingas in this temple, hence this temple is also known as Panch Shiva Linga. This temple is also known as Seashore Mandir or Beach Temple. The idol of Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi is also installed in this temple. The festival of Shiva Ratri is celebrated with great pomp in the Gangeshwar temple, during which lakhs of devotees come to see Mahadev. This temple is considered to be one of the oldest Shiva temples in Gujarat. The festival of Shiva Ratri is celebrated with great pomp in the Gangeshwar temple. Even in the month of Sawan, lakhs of devotees come here to have darshan of Mahadev. The courtyard of this temple is open for devotees from 6 am to 8 pm. You can go here for darshan by train, bus or even by personal car.


The Hanuman Mandir of Pandupol is a famous temple located inside the Sariska National Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. In which a huge idol of Lord Hanuman is installed in a calm position. The ancient Hanuman Temple of Pandupol, situated amidst the high ridged hills of the Aravalli range, is one of the most visited places in Alwar. The temple complex is also famous for langurs, macaques, and a variety of birds and for its gorgeous 35-foot waterfall. Pandupol is believed to belong to the period of the epic of Mahabharata. The Pandavas are believed to have spent some years of their lives at Pandupol during their exile. According to another legend, this Pandupol was the place where Lord Hanuman defeated Bhima and curbed his pride.The history of Pandupol Hanuman temple is believed to be 5000 years old, according to the ancient epic- Mahabharata, Bhima struck the mountain with his mace, due to which the way through the mountain came out and the door built on the mountain was established by the name of Pandupol Hanuman temple. According to another story, Pandupol was the place where Lord Hanuman defeated Bhima and curbed his pride. According to an incident from the Mahabharata period, Draupadi had gone to take a bath in the river's reservoir downstream of this valley as per her regular routine. One day, while taking a bath, a beautiful flower flowing in the water came from above in the drain, Draupadi, express great happiness after receiving that flower and thought of wearing it as her earrings. After bathing, Draupadi asked Mahabali Bhima to bring that flower, then Bhima started moving towards the stream, searching for the flower. Ongoing forward, Bhima saw that an old giant monkey was lying comfortably with its tail spread and the path was completely blocked by the monkey.Due to the narrow valley, there was no other way for Bhima to get ahead. Bhima said to the old monkey lying on the way that if he can put his tail out of the way in the reply the monkey said that he’s old age Bhima can go over it, then Bhima replied that he cannot go over his tail rather he should move aside. On this the monkey said that Bhima looked strong, so he can remove his tail. When Bhima tried to remove the monkey's tail, the tail did not move an inch from Bhima. Even after repeated efforts by Bhima the tail of the old monkey did not move then Bhima understood that he is not just an ordinary monkey.Bhima pleaded with folded hands to the old monkey to reveal his true form. On this, the old monkey revealed his true form and introduced himself as Lord Hanuman. Bhima called all the Pandavas there and worshiped the old monkey in a lying form. After this, the Pandavas established the Hanuman temple there, which is today known as Pandupol Hanuman Mandir. Now a large number of devotees reach here every Tuesday and Saturday, the temple is the center of faith of the people. Lakkhi Mela of Pandupol Hanuman Temple is a popular fair of Alwar that fills the Ashtami of Bhadau Shukla Paksha every year. About 50 thousand devotees from Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and other places come to visit Pandupol Hanuman Temple on the occasion of Lakkhi Mela. If you are planning to visit Pandupol Hanuman Temple, then let us tell you that October to March is considered to be the best time to visit Pandupol Hanuman Temple. Pandupol Hanuman Temple is open for tourists daily from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm.


India is a country where people of many castes and religions live with great love and brotherhood. India can also be called the Land of Faith. India is a country of diversity, if any country has the most religion in the world, then that’s India. There are many Temples, Mosques, Churches, and Gurudwaras in India which are considered as the most blessed religious places. Residents of India visit these holy places almost every year. Famous religious places and pilgrimages of India are located in the mountains, in the caves, in the rugged forest, and on very inaccessible routes the path of these pilgrimages sites are very inaccessible and surrounded by natural calamities. People also explore these sacred places as tourists, as faith, and also for the purpose of devotion. Everybody should take care of their religious sites and maintain their cleanliness and sanctity, as well as cooperate in maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of India. In every region of India, in every state, in every district, and in every province; you will find some ascetic, sage-saint, math, pant, institution, etc. That's why India is a country of gods and goddesses. Today we are going to give you information about the special pilgrimage places of India through our article.


India is one ethnically affluent nation, where approximately every state has its personal language, cuisine, music, and dance forms. During the prehistoric era in India, art has been described as essential for man. Indian art and culture have an approximately miraculous value as it conveys you to a bygone period and creates every prospect to come lively. India has millennium-aged customs of conventional dance forms. It has been an affluent and antique ritual in India ever since its primeval days. Long-established dance is executed by amalgamating expressions and premises from communal survival and awareness. Lord Shiva is called 'Nataraja' i.e. sovereign of all dances who balance existence and bereavement and all this happens in harmonious cycles in the universe. So let's share some knowledge about classical Indian dances.


The city of Delhi is famous either as the Capital of India or because of mouth-watering food, crazy shopping, and ancient monuments. But places like Museums and Zoos in Delhi are also very well-known for children. Among these places, India’s first The International Dolls Museum is a treasure for kids. Many schools and parents take their children here to boost their knowledge and it is the perfect place for their amusement also.


The most awaited ritual in the month of September is to bring our beloved Bappa home on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. People in India wait for this festival very eagerly as Lord Ganapati bring a bundle of happiness, prosperity and takes away all our sorrows. Shri Ekadanta - the elephant divinity is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The lord of good destiny, triumph, and knowledge is believed to be the greatest of all the Hindu deities. Be it any occasion or festival, Ekadanta is always worshipped foremost. This Ganesh Chaturthi, we have listed out India’s five most famous Ganesha Temples for you. So, do check out this article before you plan your visit to offer prayers to your favorite Lord Vinayak. 

A Museum in Japan made to Preserve the Indigenous Ainu Culture

The Ainu culture is a culture that is followed by the original natives of Hokkaido in Japan. The community had been ignored by the Japanese government over all these years and were subjected to discrimination due to colonial assimilation. Now Japan has taken a huge step to preserve the culture of the Ainu community.  The Country has launched one of its kind indigenous museums to showcase the Ainu culture and cuisine. Upopoy National Ainu Museum and the park have been opened on July 12.

Teej Celebrations in Rajasthan: History, Significance, Dates and more

Teej is an important festival in North and Northwest India, but it would not be wrong to say that the zeal with which the women of Rajasthan celebrate this fast is unmatched. According to the Hindu calendar, Teej falls on the third day of the waxing moon in the month of Shravana, known as the Haryali Teej (23 July 2020) and the third of the waning moon, the Kajari Teej (6 August 2020), and waxing moons, Hartalika Teej (21 August 2020) in the month of Bhadrapad.

Revisit history with a cultural tour in Italy

Other than great food to satiate your hunger and high-end fashion, Italy has a rich past too. Italy tells the tales of different pages of history through its preserved heritage.  Home to one of the greatest empires of ancient times to being a hub of renaissance, Italy has a diverse cultural past. Roman Architecture standing tall in bustling cities to the revolutionary art of the Renaissance, adorning the smaller towns, this country has it all and well preserved. With the highest number of heritage sites in the world, it could be the ideal destination if you are an admirer of history and culture.

International Kite Festival of Ahmedabad

Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti, a festival that marks the end of winters and beginning of summers, according to the Hindu Calendar. In Ahmedabad, during this festival, an International Kite Festival is organised. It is among the most prominent festivals celebrated in Gujrat. The sky is filled with colourful kites, cut out in various shapes and sizes. Kite makers boast their creativity through unique designs and patterns. People from all over the world swarm like bees to participate and witness this festival. The local markets are cramped with kite buyers and sellers, weeks before the kite festival. The Patang Bazaar stays open 24 hours during this time.  

A Quick Tour to the Durgostava in West Bengal

Navratri is a festival of Hindu to pray to Goddess Durga, the embodiment of shakti, the feminine force that governs all cosmic creation, existence and change. This nine-night festival marks the beginning of autumn, celebrated in September or October, according to the Hindu calendar. Each of Navratri is dedicated to nine different forms of shakti or Goddess Durga. In West Bengal, the celebration of Navratri begins on the 6th day and concludes on the tenth day, known as Vijayadashami, the day of Durga's victory over evil. This six-day celebration is called Durgotsava and is the largest festival of the year for Bengali Hindus. 

Celebrate Holi in a bit Different Style this year

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated with an unmatched zeal all over the country. But some places still stand out from the rest with their own unique twists in the celebration. So if you are planning of travelling this Holi to experience something new and different. Scroll down and read about these places that celebrate Holi in with their own different level of enthusiasm. See which of these places fascinate you the most. Scroll down and read about these places that celebrate Holi in with their own different level of enthusiasm. See which of these places fascinate you the most. 

5 Fascinating Cultures Around the World

Discovering cultures and facts you have never heard before is the best part of travelling. Learning about the new cultures adds to the experience and makes a trip more memorable. The world has 195 different with thousands of different cultures of their own, and the chances of your losing yourself to these different cultures are limitless. Some have made their way into the books but still, there are a lot others still lay undiscovered and isolated from the modern world. 

The Music Festival of the Ziro Valley this year

The impact of the exposure of today’s age is such that music festivals are drawing music lovers like ants to sugar. In this new age, carnivals and festivals have emerged as the most epic way to explore a tourist destination and what can be better than music as your companion.

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