The city of Delhi is famous either as the Capital of India or because of mouth-watering food, crazy shopping, and ancient monuments. But places like Museums and Zoos in Delhi are also very well-known for children. Among these places, India’s first The International Dolls Museum is a treasure for kids. Many schools and parents take their children here to boost their knowledge and it is the perfect place for their amusement also.


The most awaited ritual in the month of September is to bring our beloved Bappa home on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. People in India wait for this festival very eagerly as Lord Ganapati bring a bundle of happiness, prosperity and takes away all our sorrows. Shri Ekadanta - the elephant divinity is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The lord of good destiny, triumph, and knowledge is believed to be the greatest of all the Hindu deities. Be it any occasion or festival, Ekadanta is always worshipped foremost. This Ganesh Chaturthi, we have listed out India’s five most famous Ganesha Temples for you. So, do check out this article before you plan your visit to offer prayers to your favorite Lord Vinayak. 

A Museum in Japan made to Preserve the Indigenous Ainu Culture

The Ainu culture is a culture that is followed by the original natives of Hokkaido in Japan. The community had been ignored by the Japanese government over all these years and were subjected to discrimination due to colonial assimilation. Now Japan has taken a huge step to preserve the culture of the Ainu community.  The Country has launched one of its kind indigenous museums to showcase the Ainu culture and cuisine. Upopoy National Ainu Museum and the park have been opened on July 12.

Teej Celebrations in Rajasthan: History, Significance, Dates and more

Teej is an important festival in North and Northwest India, but it would not be wrong to say that the zeal with which the women of Rajasthan celebrate this fast is unmatched. According to the Hindu calendar, Teej falls on the third day of the waxing moon in the month of Shravana, known as the Haryali Teej (23 July 2020) and the third of the waning moon, the Kajari Teej (6 August 2020), and waxing moons, Hartalika Teej (21 August 2020) in the month of Bhadrapad.

Revisit history with a cultural tour in Italy

Other than great food to satiate your hunger and high-end fashion, Italy has a rich past too. Italy tells the tales of different pages of history through its preserved heritage.  Home to one of the greatest empires of ancient times to being a hub of renaissance, Italy has a diverse cultural past. Roman Architecture standing tall in bustling cities to the revolutionary art of the Renaissance, adorning the smaller towns, this country has it all and well preserved. With the highest number of heritage sites in the world, it could be the ideal destination if you are an admirer of history and culture.

International Kite Festival of Ahmedabad

Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti, a festival that marks the end of winters and beginning of summers, according to the Hindu Calendar. In Ahmedabad, during this festival, an International Kite Festival is organised. It is among the most prominent festivals celebrated in Gujrat. The sky is filled with colourful kites, cut out in various shapes and sizes. Kite makers boast their creativity through unique designs and patterns. People from all over the world swarm like bees to participate and witness this festival. The local markets are cramped with kite buyers and sellers, weeks before the kite festival. The Patang Bazaar stays open 24 hours during this time.  

A Quick Tour to the Durgostava in West Bengal

Navratri is a festival of Hindu to pray to Goddess Durga, the embodiment of shakti, the feminine force that governs all cosmic creation, existence and change. This nine-night festival marks the beginning of autumn, celebrated in September or October, according to the Hindu calendar. Each of Navratri is dedicated to nine different forms of shakti or Goddess Durga. In West Bengal, the celebration of Navratri begins on the 6th day and concludes on the tenth day, known as Vijayadashami, the day of Durga's victory over evil. This six-day celebration is called Durgotsava and is the largest festival of the year for Bengali Hindus. 

Celebrate Holi in a bit Different Style this year

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated with an unmatched zeal all over the country. But some places still stand out from the rest with their own unique twists in the celebration. So if you are planning of travelling this Holi to experience something new and different. Scroll down and read about these places that celebrate Holi in with their own different level of enthusiasm. See which of these places fascinate you the most. Scroll down and read about these places that celebrate Holi in with their own different level of enthusiasm. See which of these places fascinate you the most. 

5 Fascinating Cultures Around the World

Discovering cultures and facts you have never heard before is the best part of travelling. Learning about the new cultures adds to the experience and makes a trip more memorable. The world has 195 different with thousands of different cultures of their own, and the chances of your losing yourself to these different cultures are limitless. Some have made their way into the books but still, there are a lot others still lay undiscovered and isolated from the modern world. 

The Music Festival of the Ziro Valley this year

The impact of the exposure of today’s age is such that music festivals are drawing music lovers like ants to sugar. In this new age, carnivals and festivals have emerged as the most epic way to explore a tourist destination and what can be better than music as your companion.

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Shankar's International Dolls Museum is the best place for kids.

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