Exotic birds and where to find them

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Bird watching is no less than any form of art as it needs a lot of patience and hours of staying still in order to spot one bird and capture it in your camera. However, if you are a fan of exotic and rare birds, to spot them you must be ready to do a lot of travelling. Here are some exotic birds that are unfortunately nearing extinction. So sit down as I share with you a list of some rare birds and where to find them.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

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Andean Cock-of-the-rock is a bird almost too beautiful to believe, and as the name suggests resides in the Andes Mountains of South America. They nest among the rocks in order to hide as their colourful plumage might attract predatory eagles and jaguar. These birds have a pompom-shaped crest on their beak that is used to attract females during the mating season.

Turquoise-Browed Motmot

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Another bird with a stunning coloured plumage is the turquoise-browed motmot. They are found in the tropical regions of South America, although they are said to have originated from Switzerland. They nest in thick rainforests to hide from predators. The plumage of a motmot is extremely soft and the long tail of the bird can move in any direction.


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Kakapo aka the owl parrot is one of the strangest and rarest varieties of parrots in the world. This nocturnal species does not fly and is one of the longest living birds. It is also a heavy and large bird, that weighs up to 7.7 pounds and can be 24 inches tall. They are commonly found in New Zealand. Kakapo is known for being smart and getting attached to only those who are kind to it. They are nearly extinct and according to many experts, are 'critically endangered'.

Hooded Pitohui

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Hooded Pitohui, famous songbird of New Guinea, is considered to be the only poisonous bird as its bright black and yellow plumage can cause a burning sensation. The bird eats the Melyrid Beetles that too are poisonous. They use the bright plumage to warn the predators not to prey on them.


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The Quetzal is birds with an amazingly colourful plumage, commonly found in western Mexico and Guatemala. They were considered sacred by the Mayan and the Aztec people, who believed these birds were 'God of Air'. They used Quetzal's tail feathers in ceremonies. They nest on the cold mountain woods and in the dry season, it can perch at a height of nearly 10,000 feet!

Malachite Kingfisher

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The Malachite Kingfisher can be found in the southern African Sahara region. They feed by diving into the water and catch small fishes and worms. It has the quality to estimate depth very accurately, helping it catch its prey easily. When this bird dives into the water a special protective skin covers its eyes helping it to see. Malachite Kingfishers are small and swift birds that are really tough to capture in action.

Mandarin Duck

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Mandarin ducks are commonly found in southwest Asia, in Russia's Far East during the summer and China and Japan in the winter. They are fast flyers and take off almost vertically. Mandarin ducks rarely dive and are usually spotted perching on tree branches or rocks. They are considered special in Asian society and are prized and respected.

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Exotic birds and where to find them

Here are some exotic birds that are unfortunately nearing extinction. So sit down as I share with you a list of some rare birds and where to find them.

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