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Matheran: Experience nature like they did before automobiles

Not so far from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, in the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats is Matheran. A cosy, quiet and beautiful little hill station at the elevation of 2,600 ft above sea level. Matheran is the smallest village in India and one of the very few place in the world that do not allow any vehicles. The second you step into Matheran, you feel like you've opened a gate to the past. The name of the village translates to "overhead forest" and is highly popular among tourists for a short trip, spectacular views and serenity.

Exotic birds and where to find them

Bird watching is no less than any form of art as it needs a lot of patience and hours of staying still in order to spot one bird and capture it in your camera. However, if you are a fan of exotic and rare birds, to spot them you must be ready to do a lot of travelling. Here are some exotic birds that are unfortunately nearing extinction. So sit down as I share with you a list of some rare birds and where to find them.

Best National Parks from Around the World for Nature Lovers

With increased urbanisation, people have lost connection with nature. We are so occupied in our work and life that we do not have time to appreciate what is around us. Subsequently, we have disconnected ourselves with our planet and are only unintentionally exploiting it of natural resources. But, here we bring you a chance to reconnect with nature and how truly amazing our planet is. The quickest way to do that is visiting the national parks that offer pristine wilderness. We have compiled a list of the world's greatest national parks that you can visit to witness nature at its best. 

Top Indian States that Encourage Ecotourism in the Country

India is a country blessed with diverse physical features such as the snowy Himalayas, evergreen forests, dry deserts and one of the longest coastlines in the world. It is also very rich in cultural diversity. Exploring various parts of India is a dream of many travellers in the world. India has seen a boom in its tourism sector since the last few decades. However, increased tourism sometimes leads to environmental degradation which is the reason the concept of ecotourism was introduced. Travelling is the most magical experience but being responsible for the environment is the best return gift we can give to our planet and future generations. Here is the list of top Indian states that are constantly working towards encouraging ecotourism in India. 

Explore the Diversity and Nature with India

India is becoming the most favourite tourist destination around the world. The rich geographical and cultural diversity offers not only tranquillity but also provides an opportunity to experience an adrenaline rush through your blood with almost every adventure activity such as surfing, kayaking, rafting, snorkelling, mountaineering, skiing, scuba diving and skydiving to name a few.The rich culture of India, vast green lands, rich biodiversity, strong connection with ancient values and religious sentiments make India an ideal destination for offbeat travelling. In the past few decades, India has witnessed a huge increase in the number of both domestic and international tourists. But with increased tourists comes increased mess. The negative impact of tourism is substantial. This comes with waste problems, depletion of natural resources and pollution. 

A Break from City Ruckus in 'God's Own Country'

Periyar Wildlife Century is a beautiful park in the state of Kerala in southern India. Kerala is not called 'God's own country', that is, God's own country. Once you come here, you felt that every part of it was truly spared by God himself. Periyar Wildlife Century is also one such place. This century, situated in Thekkady, some distance from Idukki district of Kerala, calls thousands of tourists every day. Spread over 485 square kilometres, this park is a treasure of natural beauty. It has a forest, lake, small mountains, all kinds of trees, plants, animals, birds and reptiles. It contains the immense beauty of nature. This journey of our Periyar started from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. We booked a taxi from there and set out to visit this beautiful place. The state of Tamil Nadu is from Madurai to Theni and the border of Kerala starts from Theni, and the road is also flat till Theni. However, here too, you will see high mounds from far away mountains. On these high mounds, in many places, you will see something like a house and you will keep wondering for some time why someone would have built a building without going to this mountain without a road and how it would go there. With all these thoughts, our journey was moving forward. On one side of the road, bananas were spread far and wide on the other side with long rows of coconut trees. After travelling for about 2 hours we reached Theni.

Write Your own Jungle Book in its True Form

There is nothing better than taking a few days off and relaxing. But if your definition of relaxing isn’t partying and drinking, like most and you just wanna sit back and relax, away from the man-made city ruckus, we have the best lodging ideas for you. Treehouse resorts, that put you right in the lap of Mother Nature. There could be no better way, right?Many of us, as kids had or at least dreamt of having a treehouse. And why not? Our favourite TV shows made them look so cool. The idea of having our own personal space on the one tree we loved and having friends over to play, remember? Well with these resorts, now you can really make it happen even if it’s just for a few days. Cha-ching! Whether you just want to relax all by yourself or planning a romantic getaway, these treehouse resorts could be a perfect vacation spot for you. The treehouse resorts in India, apart from being unique places to stay, are an absolute delight if you're a nature lover. They range from luxurious to rustic, and with them, you can choose the kind of vacation you need. 

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