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Many times people say that India has very dirty beaches, garbage is spread everywhere. But did they know there are some amazing beaches that have qualified the iconic Blue Flag tag? Yes, there are ten such wonderful beaches in India. So, without wasting time let's get to know about all this.


The colorful and the tinkling of glass bangles reminds us of Firozabad city which is located on a stretch of about 47 km from Agra and around 260 km from Delhi. Recognized as the glass city of India and the city of bangles – Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh has been manufacturing glass bangles for more than 200 years. Put together by Tughlaq king, Feroz Shah Tughlaq this city is prominent for bangles and several other glass objects like glasses, vases, and even the headlights of vehicles. Firozabad is the leading manufacturer of glass bangles in the world and is a family trade with conventional procedures being conceded from generations. Glass-making is a family skill here as the people earn their daily bread from bangle-making for ages. 


Ever noticed a cemented patch on the Agra-Lucknow expressway with markings on both sides when you start nearing Lucknow? Not known popularly, this happens to be an expressway airstrip that can be utilized for emergency landing of all types of aircraft. Do you know India is one of the few countries across the world to have more than one highway strips? Well, yes this is not a common fact known about India which indeed is a reason to be proud of. Want to know more? Read on further to know about details.

Gems of Maharashtra

Waterfalls, ancient forts, ChhatrapatiShivaji, lavani, Bollywood, skyscrapers, busiest railways and appetizing Maharashtrian delicacies define Maharashtra. Maharashtra is one of the most developed states in India contributing 25% in the industrial output of the country. The state has a long coastline that stretches for nearly 530 kms along with the length of the Arabian Sea. Maharashtra shares its borders with Daman towards its north and Goa in the south.

The first look of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: check out these pictures

On August 5, the foundation of the new Ram Mandir will be laid after the religious worshipping of the land by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The entire city of Ayodhya is decorated and preparing for the day it has long awaited, to finally see lord Ram being seated at his birthplace in a beautiful temple. On the occasion, the internet is flooded with pictures of how the Ram Mandir would appear once fully constructed. Come have a look...

Bookstores in India that Feature an unique collection of books

Lockdown was not al bad for most of us, it gave us book worms some time to check a number of books of our reading bucket list and also revisit our favourite ones. They have also been a constant companion to provide us with an imaginary escape from the insides of your homes to far and unexplored lands sharing an adventurous, fun and romantic journey with the leads. But we do miss strolling around the bookstore and buying some books and promising others that they'll be coming home with us the next time.Earlier I shared with you a list of travel based books to take you on a journey in our heads during the lockdown and now I am back with a list of 6 six bookstores in India that have a stock of the rarest books you won't even find in the big named stores.

Story of Kedarnath Temple: History, Architecture and more...

In 2013, a cloudburst caused an unprecedented flood in the valley of Rudraprayag that washed away the entire valley except for the temple, which made the people marvel at its architecture. A large rock among the debris acted as a shield of the temple in the flood and the temple suffered no major damage except a few cracks on the four walls. The Kedarnath temple is one of the Chhota Char Dhams of the Hindu pilgrimage. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Goa reopens for domestic tourists, rules you must know

Interstate travel has been permitted by the Central government of India and a number of states are reopening their borders to welcome domestic travellers and restart tourism in their state. Goa is also a part of this list. The favourite beach destination of Indians is open to welcome them. The state government of Goa has announced the reopening of the state for domestic travellers from today, July 2, 2020. Tourism is the main revenue generating industry of the state and this news has come as a great relief to it. The people associated with the industry are prepared to welcome back tourists to the state. The state government has offered permission to 250 hotels to resume operations.

The tales of the haunted Dumas Beach of Gujarat

When talking of horror destinations in India, the places that come to our mind are Bhangarh and Kuldhara in Rajasthan and Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi. But that is not it. A rarely known tale among the horror destinations in India is the Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujarat.  A beautiful beach by the day becomes a deserted horror after sunset. The beach offers an excellent view and is famous among tourists who know about it. But there is something eerie about it and you can feel it there even during the day. No one dares to stay at the beach at night and if anyone ever does they don’t ever come back or are too horrified to tell the tale.

Khajuraho Temples: History, Architecture and More

A proof of culture that survived civilisations and still stands with pride denoting the rich culture of our ancestors. A well-known cluster of temples, where tourists from far and wide come to admire a form of architecture that is different from the conventional temple designs. A structure that depicts human emotions and aesthete in a story sewed together through beautiful carvings. About 50 km from the Chhatarpur city in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho Group of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a complex of 85 temples out of which only 25 were able to stand the test of time. These temples are dedicated to two religions Hinduism and Jainism.

Wonders of India: Temples to leave you in awe

In the words of the famous historian E.H. Carr “History is a dialogue between the present and the past.” History takes us back in time and lets us know and experience the past. History is an important part of the culture of a nation, and a country like India that is so culturally diverse, history is the most valuable treasure and also its glory.  The ancient architecture of India has attracted gallivanters and aesthetes from all over the world and earned the sobriquet “the land of mysteries.” We have searched the land far and wide to bring you such temples that have an intriguing history and captivating architecture, that would send you in a reverie.

Ancient but Inhabited Cities of India

India is a land of extraordinary diversity. A country with lots of secrets. The place that never misses surprise you and in no amount of time will allow you to fully know this. India is not only a land of historical places, monuments and cultures but also show the evolution of human civilisation over the years. Why not visit these cities and find out yourself? 

Feel the Threads of Silk in these Cities

‘The woven traditional poem’, for me, the phrase captures the essence of a silk saree. As a child, wearing mom's silk saree was one of the best feelings. Even today, my love for them remains the same. It is probably not wrong to say that they are the first love of many women. Interestingly, the history of silk sarees is as rich as the silk sarees themselves. The love for silk among the people in India is not new, and every region here has their own way of weaving them. So, we bring you 10 places in India popular for the uniqueness of the silk found there.

Destination Wedding: The New Trend of India

Weddings are a lifetime memory for the two who tie the knot, and so they want it to be perfect. A big fat wedding is not new in Indian society but the young couples have made it bigger and fatter by bringing in the trend of destination weddings. So, if you are planning the same yourself, here is a short list of top destinations in India you can pick from. Read on and choose the place that suits you best. 

Destinations in India for a Perfect Romantic Escapade

Holding hands, some would love to walk on a moonlit beach with their partner… some would like to dance by a bonfire in the lap of cold deserts… some would like to cuddle in a warm blanket on snow-clad mountains… Yup, Valentine’s Day is around!! You might have thought of being in Paris or Sydney. But why go that far when all you need is right here… here in your own land - India. Yours is the only country in the world that is a confluence of four different physiographic regions, from desert to green forests, from mountains to seas, you can find it all here. This Valentine feel the warmth of love with the 14 destinations you can choose from for your perfect romantic escapade.

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Finally India has 10 Blue Flagged Beaches


World's biggest glass bangle manufacturer


Shankar's International Dolls Museum is the best place for kids.

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Story of Kedarnath Temple: History, Architecture and more...

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