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All kinds of nutrients are needed for the development of the body and to avoid diseases. Each nutrient has its own distinct specialty and importance. Therefore, doctors often recommend a balanced diet to stay fit. Protein is also an important part of a balanced diet. Protein is related to the health of hair and every part of the body in one way or the other. It can help energize the body as well as provide amazing health benefits. It is well known that meat and eggs contain high amounts of protein and over the centuries it has become a common belief that protein is found in lesser amounts in vegetarian diets. However, this is a myth, as even a vegetarian diet can be rich in protein. Many vegetarians have turned to protein powder as their source of nutrients, but not everyone needs to. Therefore, in this article, we will give information about the protein-rich foods which you must include in your daily diet.


There are many beaches around the world that display bioluminescence (soft light), an amazing natural phenomenon that causes the water to glow at night. This is due to the presence of tiny marine organisms called dinoflagellates that emit light when excited. Scientists believe that this blue light is related to changes in the marine ecosystem. The blue light is called bioluminescent (light produced from the chemical energy of the algae). They say that this blue light is caused by algae called bioluminescent phytoplankton. When waves hit the shore, they convert chemical energy into electrical energy. During this process, it appears on the surface in blue color. It is also called sea sparkle or sea sparkle in simple words. The scientific name of the algae that produces the bioluminescent is Noctiluca scintillans. It belongs to the Phytoplankton species. Here are eight beaches from around the world known for their bioluminescent viewing:


Water parks are also named amusement parks, which include swimming pools, water playgrounds, swim areas, artificial surfing and water rides, and adventure showers. The waterpark is designed with the concept of formless, eclectic, and merging waves with an aura of freedom and relaxation. As the temperature starts to rise, so does the need to splash around in cool, refreshing water. There are some of the best waterparks in the world which are full of entertainment hubs. Kids and adults alike enjoy visiting these parks where they can enjoy wave pools, enjoy roller coaster rides, and generally have a ton of fun with friends and family. Here, we bring you a list of the water parks in the world that are worth visiting. Beat the scorching heat with a plan to visit the best water parks in the world. Plan a vacation, plan and allow yourself to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries. You will soon find your stress levels reducing, leaving you feeling at ease and relaxed.


South Korea is known all over the world for its K-pop, K-drama, delicious food, skincare, hair care, etc. Kimchi, Samsung, automotive manufacturer Hyundai, Korean fried chicken, 12-step skincare, and Gangnam Style… Even if you don't know much about South Korea, you've definitely heard of some of these things, especially Samsung and automotive Manufacturer Hyundai. If we talk about the dishes found in Korea, then kimchi, sweet pancakes, Korean fried chicken, and ddukbokki are eaten with great gusto all over the world. Even in India, many Korean restaurants have opened in some metro cities. Here is a list of South Korean Delicious Dishes that you must try at least once in your life. You can also try and make these recipes at your home.


Recently the ranking of this year's (2023) powerful passport has also been released. Through this ranking, it is known how powerful is the passport of which country. Henley & Partners, a London-based global citizenship and residency advisory firm, has released its ranking of the world's most powerful passports for the year 2023. In this recently revealed ranking, once again Japan has won the number one position. At the same time, Singapore and South Korea are in the second position on this list. At the same time, our country India is number 85 on this list, where passport holders can roam in 59 countries without a visa. In such a situation, all the questions arise what is the meaning of a powerful passport, and according to what scale it is decided? So, let’s know all the details regarding this process.


Christ the Redeemer is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil by Polish-French sculptor Paul Landrowsky. Christ the Redeemer is the 4th largest statue of Jesus in the World and is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The statue was built by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa with the help of French engineer Albert Caquot. The face of this statue was created by the Romanian artist Gheorghe Leonida. Christ the Redeemer is the largest Art Deco statue in the world which is 30 meters tall, with 28 meters wide arms and an 8-meter pedestal. This statue is two-thirds the height of the Statue of Liberty. The statue weighs 635 metric tons and is located on top of the 700-meter (2,300 ft) high Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park in the city of Rio. This statue is considered a symbol of Christianity in the world and India, along with this it has become a cultural symbol for both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The statue is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone and was constructed between 1922 and 1931.


The railway network is like the backbone of any country, as it plays a major role in its commercial, industrial, and economic development. These days every country is working to prove a high-speed rail network. The railway network is an asset for any country and for its citizens. Countries with railway networks have seen an exceptional role in overall development in all sectors over the past few decades. Let’s know some of the world’s longest railway networks in this article.


In today's time, most of the countries of the world have become advanced. The people here, the lifestyle of the people, everything has become advanced. In earlier times, people used to travel on foot from one place to other. But as time progressed, the way of traveling started changing. From bullock carts to airplanes were being manufactured for traveling. But do you know that even after making so much progress in the world, today there are some countries where there is not even a single airport? Through airplanes, people reach from one place to another in a very short time. But it is quite strange that there are still five such countries in the world, where there is not a single airport. People travel to their neighbouring countries through road or waterways and then take airplanes from there and leave for other places. Tourists coming from other countries also reach these 5 countries in the same way. Let us know which are those unique 5 countries, where there are no airports even today.


In today's time, the road is an important part of our life, we can think of any place without a road because humans need a road to travel and transport. If someone tells you that you have seen a village without a road, you will probably be shocked for a few moments. You would think that how can a village without a road be? Venice of France is famous all over the world for its beautiful views. Thousands of tourists come here and enjoy its amazing views. But Venice is a city, can you imagine a village without a single road and yet thousands of tourists go there every year? The village of Giethoorn, which is located in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel in the Netherlands has become a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. There is not even a single motor vehicle, yet people come. Here, people also walk by boat in the streets. Yes, you do not get a single road for transportation at this place. It is also called the Venice of the South or the Venice of the Netherlands. Githorn is a very beautiful tourist destination and there is an influx of tourists throughout the year.The view of the famous village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands (Holland) is very spectacular. This village full of greenery is visited by tourists throughout the year. This village without a road is made of canals. Here people use boats to come and go. Today, the whole life here is dependent on electric boats and ordinary boats. These boats make very little noise and people have no complaints about them. There are wooden bridges made here in various places. Presently the number of bridges here is more than 180. About 2600 people live in this village without roads. Due to this, the most important thing is that there is no problem like traffic here because people do not have cars and bikes, etc. Overall, it is considered a free auto zone area.It is said that these 1-meter-deep canals were made to transport a type of grass used in fuel from one end to the other. During the excavation, many ponds and lakes were formed here. Then, perhaps no one would have guessed that the canals built to transport peat would put this place on the world map as a beautiful tourist destination. It is said that in 1958 the Dutch comedy film 'Fanfare' by 'Bert Haanstra' was made. Due to most of the shooting of this film being done here, it became famous all over the world. Local people use small boats to travel. Tourists have to park their cars on the outskirts of the village. While there are no roads and only canals in this village, it is said that there was a severe flood here in 1170. Due to this, the land here became very swampy. Apart from this, the soil of the entire area here became like this. After this, the people of the village did digging, etc. here and the canals came out. After this, this village gradually turned into a village with canals. After this, it became the center of discussion and today it is counted as a famous tourist destination. Due to the lack of roads, people here do not use cars or bikes, so there is no pollution of any kind here. About 3000 people live in this village. There are still no roads here and it is very quiet here for most of the day. Many of Githorn's residents live on private islands and use canoes, kayaks, or small boats with silent motors for transportation through the canals. You can reach Giethoorn by taking a flight to Amsterdam then you can take a train from Amsterdam to Giethoorn which will take about 2 hours. After getting down at Giethoorn you can rent a car to reach the exact location.


Airports are an essential part of travel and the beauty of that country and city can be felt from the airport. When we board a flight to visit a country, we spend some of our time at the airport. If seen, the airport is the first part of our journey and every tourist wants that his journey should start with attractive views. There is more than one airport in the whole world, which is known all over the world for its beauty, design, cleanliness, luxury facilities, specialties, and welcoming of passengers, where every year millions of tourists and passengers start their journey through these airports. Get to know some amazing airports from around the globe.


The old buildings and monuments have always attracted the attention of tourists. One of the ancient arts of the world is the lighthouse, which stands tall on the seashore and shows the way to sailors and passers-by with their light. These lighthouses help the passers-by to face the storms of the sea and save them from wandering in the sea. Lighthouses are built on the coast, on islands, on rocks, and at prominent places along the banks of rivers and lakes for the guidance of ships. Light comes out of them at night, it transmits light rays from any system. In ancient times, instead of lighthouses, the way was shown to the sailors by lighting a fire. But today there are many means of electricity and other energy by which these lighthouses are illuminated. The purpose of these lighthouses is to warn the drivers or sailors of ships in the sea from dangerous rocks. These are meant to indicate the safe entrance to rocky shores, dangerous rocks, and harbors. These lighthouses were built in ancient times, most of which still function today. These lighthouses do the work of teaching in the illiterate sea. In their light, the sailors come to know that the coastal area is near at night when only water is visible all around. If there is no way to know, then these lighthouses are the only way to tell the sailors where the way is and how to go. Along with this, these lighthouses also protect the sailors from the attacks of sea storms and robbers and alert them. In this article, we are going to tell you about the World’s Famous Lighthouses which are witnesses of ancient art and architecture.


The early civilizations of humans have developed about 6500 years ago. This was the time when humans stopped living this kind of nomadic life. Now, humans had started stopping and living at a certain place. During this time the first settlement of humans was formed and cities were built from these settlements this is what accelerates the process of development of humans. These early settlements soon gave rise to larger cities and the idea of separate countries and nations began to flourish. Some of the earliest countries were formed shortly after civilization developed, and all of the countries in the given list were formed thousands of years ago. Let’s get to know the oldest countries.


If you've ever soaked in hot springs, you know what a wonderfully relaxing experience it can be. Natural hot springs can be found anywhere there is volcanic activity, magma chambers, or fault lines on the Earth. They are high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silica, and lithium which can help soothe muscles and even promote healing. Even better in one surrounded by spectacular views like these that are well worth planning a trip around. Let’s get to know six worldwide renowned natural hot springs.


Due to ancient to new temples, India has been the center of attraction all over the world. At the same time, do you know that apart from India, there are many renowned temples spread across the globe and are recognized worldwide? People from various countries visit these prominent temples. Today we are going to tell you about those temples which are present in countries other than India.


A river is called a stream flowing on the ground, whose source is usually a lake, glacier, spring, or rainwater, and gets absorbed in an ocean or lake. Rivers play a huge role in the life of flora, fauna, and humans on our planet. Rivers have been flowing on the planet for billions of years, with the history of many civilizations and empires on the banks of many rivers. In this article, we have listed the names of the top 10 longest rivers in the world along with their length in kilometers and miles.


‘Yun hi chala chal raahi, Yun hi chal raahi, kitni hasin hai yeh duniya’- remember these song lines from the Bollywood movie, Swades starring Shah Rukh Khan? The movie released in 2004 had a storyline of an NRI visiting a UP village in a remote part of India. The movie had lots of social messages in it but what I remember from the movie was seeing Shah Rukh Khan driving a caravan to the village. It was probably never shown in any Bollywood movie before and that concept of caravan back then seemed so cool. The movie showed the actor using that Caravan whole the time as his own place where he slept, bathed, and worked. Since, the actor played an NRI in the movie, his familiarity with the culture of caravans comes as no surprise as the caravan culture is quite popular in the west. Which types of caravans are available, how much does it cost to rent a caravan and can you even own one? All these questions will be answered in this article. Let’s go further.


Last two years went by in no time and it feels as if the world was completely different in 2019. While we are still dealing with Corona Virus and its other variants, slowly the world is getting back to new normal with more and more countries opening for tourism.There are many countries where tourism is majorly dependent on their prominent churches. The majority of churches have been made in ancient times with stunning architecture which has left a huge impact on different countries around the world. The designs of churches though have evolved over the period of time as we see more & more trendy designs these days. However, the cult ancient designs have their own grace which they are admired for.With winter approaching, the Christmas around New Year’s Eve is the first thing that rings the bell in our minds. The snowfall, cold breeze & dark nights with a beautiful church often make a picture perfect view giving us the Christmas vibes. Decked up churches around the world during this time looks marvellous. If you also want to live this experience then here we bring you the top 5 churches from around the globe which should be on top of your list.


Overseas locations in typical Hindi cinema incline to live as aesthetic strategies. Foreign countries and tourist attractions are offered as dreamy destinations. The majority of directors choose to treat the notion of abroad as a lavish addition of big-budget Bollywood’s inspirational tone. In a style started by Raj Kapoor’s Sangam, followed by An Evening in Paris and Love in Tokyo, the look makes you believe in what we actually want to see rather than what in reality is. All through the year, countless Bollywood movies have been shot across the world. From Switzerland to Greece and to the United States, Bollywood has loved making its films abroad. And if you're looking to visit some of these places, you've come to the right spot. So, here are some of the places where most iconic Bollywood movies are filmed. Scroll through to list up your favorite destinations to explore.


Tea being one of the much-loved beverages of people all around the world is a lot more than a simple cup of hot, flavored liquid. Tea is an absolute aromatic experience that involves gratitude of culture, tradition, and flavor. People love to sip tea at several intervals of the day like in the morning, after work, and some before sleep. There are over 20,000 different tea in the world but let’s see which brew is most preferred thought the world.


As COVID cases decline in India, there are some countries where Indians can finally take a trip to. But, as the pandemic is not over yet so there are some mandatory rules which every tourist has to follow. Try to travel only when it is unavoidable as the third wave might hit us earlier than we can think of. RT-PCR test before departure and again on arrival is a compulsory procedure for each passenger. Also, travelers will have to be quarantined until they receive their test results. So Guys, let’s see what all options are open for you!

Unique Places around the world named after Alphabets

Do you too wonder how the people before us came up with the names of all the cities, states and countries? I do. Sometimes when I have nothing to overthink, I wonder why India? And all the efforts it must've taken to name the places. But at some point, they must have gotten tired and named a few places just after an English alphabet. So, head out and start travel like you started studying, with the ABCs.Here is a list of few single letter places that you should add to your travel bucket list.

Destinations from Around the World Rumoured to be Haunted

We have heard many tales of a place being haunted, and I bet everyone has met at least one person who had personal experience with a supernatural entity or maybe some of you might be that person. So, for the people who believe in these spine chilling tales and also those who call themselves sceptics, here are places from around the globe with a reputation of being haunted.

The Cliffs of Fundy - landscapes that tell stories of the forgotten past

Added now to the list of UNESCO Global Geopark, the Cliffs of Fundy in Nova Scotia are called the proof of the supercontinent Pangea and how it came together 300 million years back. Pangea was one big supercontinent that later drifted apart due to shifting of tectonic plates that slowly led to the formation of the continents we currently know. The Bay Fundy is formed between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This amazing destination with picturesque views should be added to your bucket list too now that it is a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Japanese theme park to give free passes to visitors who win this challenge

The Fuji-Q Highland theme park, near Tokyo in Japan made an unusual request to its patrons when it reopened a month ago. The Japanese theme park asked them to not scream as that would spread the germs through droplets from people’s mouths. The request seems a bit unrealistic as it is natural for some visitors to fear the high speed or shrieking when the ride takes a drop from height adds to the thrill.

These tourist destinations have a special offer for travellers

Travellers are eager to travel again, but they're not the only ones. Tourist destinations are equally eager to have them back. And they’re trying to do that by offering incentives and interesting offers to kick start their tourism industry after a long halt. As countries ease the lockdown rules, keeping the safety of its citizens in mind, they're also focused on the economy that has crashed due to all industrial work coming to a sudden halt with the lockdown. So, the countries whose GDP highly depends on tourism are working to get it back on track.Here is a list of destinations coming up with interesting schemes to attract travellers.

Tackle the Summer Heat in the Tropics with Fun

"Vacations" in India is a word mostly used as a suffix with summer. Schools are closed and parents can travel freely with their kids without having to worry about their school syllabus. Though you might be thinking of a hill station with a cool climate that would help you escape from the summer heat, I have a better suggestion. Now imagine flowers are blooming all around, birds whooping from one branch to another, there are sunlight and an endless view of the real beauty of the place. Not convinced yet? Go through these destinations and we can bet it will change your mind. 

We Celebrate Christmas and New Year the Best

The ringing sounds of bells, the smell of homemade cakes and muffins, the chilly winds and the lit-up cities; you can literally smell Christmas and New Year coming closer. It’s about time we bid adieu to this year and usher in the new one. We have selected some exquisite places around the globe where you can celebrate these festivals “Best in the World” style. The awe-inspiring locations we have picked out celebrate this festive week with exciting flavours of adventure and exploration to double the merriment.

Pedal Your Way to Heaven and Good Health

One of the finest cycling routes around the world that not only offers beautiful views but are unique in their own way. Some are moderate while some are strictly not recommended if you are a noob. To keep up the good work, it is always refreshing to travel to someplace that not only brings joy to your ride but also gives you an adrenaline rush. Here is a list of few of the world’s finest cycling tracks in India and abroad.

Safest Cities in Asia for Women Travelling Solo

This International  Women’s Day, we bring the ladies a  list of cities around Asia that are safe for women travelling solo. As we understand, the biggest concern of a woman who travels alone is safety. So, pack your bags accordingly and head out leaving all worries behind and explore these places. But do not let your guard down as the crime rate is low, not zero.

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