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Everyone thinks of going on a cruise after watching movies. Many people think of going on a cruise for a holiday. What are you planning for your next trip? Do you want to spend your holidays on the water? If yes, then we have the perfect thing for you! A Cruise! Going on a cruise has slowly become a popular trend among people and if you haven't been on one yet, now is the best time to plan for one! So, let’s tell you about the places where you can travel by cruise in India.

1. GOA

Goa has always been at the top of the country's most preferred tourist destinations. Although there are many places to visit in Goa, and there is a lot to do like enjoy seafood on the beach shack, peaceful beaches of Goa, and many sightseeing places, there is one more thing that can be enjoyed by the people and that is a cruise ride. Whenever tourists come here, they definitely enjoy going on a cruise once. If you are also going to visit Goa with your friends or family, then you must go for a cruise tour. 


Popular amongst honeymooners, Andaman and Nicobar is an Indian archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal. This place has around 300 islands out of which some have been developed for tourism and commercialization, many are uninhabited. You can include a tour of virgin beaches, a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach, water sports activities and a cruise ride on your trip as these are just the best romantic ways to indulge yourself with your loved one in Andaman.  The cruises here have a swimming pool, spa, deluxe rooms, modern lounge, recreation room, and much more.


Mumbai, one of the country's largest metropolitan cities located on the western edge of India, is the financial capital of India. The city is surrounded by the sea and is spread over a long area. Therefore, riding on a luxury cruise has different fun. The breeze in your hair and the city of Mumbai shining like stars from afar, it really is heaven on earth. You can enjoy many amenities during this memorable journey of your cruise ride. The cruises in Mumbai have restaurants, a bar, and a 24-hour coffee shop on the deck. 


Pondicherry, a union territory of India, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India and is located along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry attracts a large number of tourists every year with its attractive tourist places. So, pack your bags and head out to enjoy a cruise ride in Pondicherry. With long sunny days and balmy nights, cruise parties are best during December and throughout the winter. You can do sunbathing on the deck in the afternoon and can rock the dance floor at the midnight. 


Lakshadweep is one of the lesser explored Indian islands surrounded by so much beauty. It is a beautiful Union Territory of India, which is situated in the Arabian Sea at a distance of about 300 km from the mainland of India. Here, the cruise rides offer a golden opportunity to explore the beauty of the many islands in the region. There is also a 100-seat dining hall on the cruise, which is one of its many specialties. From yummy food to amazing cocktails and mocktails, a dance floor and even a magnificent room stay facility are provided on the cruise.


Kerala's mesmerizing beauty, backwaters, and lagoons attract more than ten million tourists every year. Kerala is considered to be the best tourist city in India and it is nothing less than a paradise to visit especially during the holidays. Here, you must enjoy a romantic or family holiday on a cruise. Cruise ride here also has an in-house theatre and an air-conditioned restaurant. For the kids, there is a playroom filled with several board games and video games. The cruise also arranges for live shows to entertain the guests. On the cruise ride, you can enjoy the lush green hills of Kerala.

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