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Mumbai Dabbawala is a group of people who deliver lunch to government and private employees from their homes to their offices. About 5 thousand people work in this and they pick up about 2 lakh tiffins from their right place and deliver them to the right place at the right time without any delay. If you are thinking of doing any business, then you can learn a lot from their working system. These business models are taught to children in India's top colleges as well as in the world's famous universities.


Mumbai Dabbawala or Mumbai Dabbawala started in the year 1890 AD. About 125 years ago, a Parsi banker wanted home-cooked food in his office and he commissioned the dabbawalas for the first time. Several individuals liked this plan and the order for dabba delivery expanded. It was initially an all-informal and individual effort, but visionary Mahadeo Havaji Bachche saw the opportunity and started the lunch service in its current team-delivery format with 100 dabbawalas. As the number of migrants coming to Mumbai increased, the demand for dabba delivery also grew. The coding system created at that time (initially) is still working in the 21st century. Dressed in white and wearing the traditional Gandhi cap, these dabbawalas deliver food from people's homes to their offices in the city of Mumbai.


·       No person shall consume intoxicants or be intoxicated while on duty.

·       The people working in it will always have to wear a white cap on their head.

·       Every person will have to keep his identity card (I card) with him.

·       Prior notice is required for taking leave.

·       About five thousand people work in the Mumbai Dabbawala group.

·       These five thousand people deliver food to about two lakh people at their offices.

·       Use a cycle and local train to deliver food tiffin.

·       The employee associated with this work gets about 9-10 thousand rupees every month.

·       Only 600 rupees have to be paid every month to deliver the tiffin of food to the office.

·       One month's extra salary in a year is given as a bonus.

The Mumbai Dabbawalas has expertise in delivering boxes. There is no mistake in picking up and delivering the box. Big businessmen do not understand this model that how delivery is done without delay, without any disturbance, and without mistakes. Research has been done many times on Mumbai Dabbawala. In 2005, IIT told in the research done on this institution that it is an excellent example of a good system. It is told and taught in engineering and management colleges in India and abroad. Mumbai Dabbawala's name has also been included in Guinness World Records. A dabbawala named Balya Bachi carried 3 carriers of 6-7 feet long dabba together and delivered them many times, which is a world record. Mumbai Dabbawala's fans are many big and legendary businessmen.

There are many businesses that are ideal for new entrepreneurs. New entrepreneurs get to learn a lot from these ideal businesses. Mumbai Dabbawala is such a business model from which new entrepreneurs get to learn a lot. In Mumbai, more than 5000 dabbas deliver about 2 lakh dabbas (tiffins) daily from home to office and from office to home. Despite the problems of such a large number, Mumbai's traffic, long distance, etc., tiffins are easily delivered without automated technology. Determination is such a weapon with the help of which any impossible task becomes easy. Mumbai dabbawalas work keeping in mind the time and the people associated with them also have to be punctual. They never delay in picking up and delivering the box. If those who deliver the dabbas are delayed, they stop picking up their dabbas if they are delayed 3-4 times. One person delivers an average of 35-40 cans per day, which weighs around 60 to 80 kg. It takes a lot of hard work to carry this much weight. A Dabbawala travels for about 50 -70 km per day. There is alpha-numeric coding on the food box, which is the name of the first major area, then the name of the area accessible from the railway station, the area, building, and floor information. Dabbawalas himself does not eat food until the food reaches all the customers. The dabbawalas eat food together, if even a single dabbawala does not turn up, then the meal does not start.

When Prince Charles came to Mumbai from London in the year 2003, he met these Dabbawalas of Mumbai and praised them for their dedication to work. Prince Charles also invited the Dabbawalas to his wedding, which some members of the Dabbawalas flew to London to attend. Talking to DNA, Dabbawala's spokesperson had said that when he went to London to attend the wedding, he was received with great respect by the royal family. It is worth mentioning that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married a few years back, a traditional saree and kurta were sent as a gift to them by Mumbai Dabbawalas. It is surprising to know that Mumbai dabbawalas are very less educated, yet they work in such a way that is an example in itself. New entrepreneurs and people who are doing business should learn from them.

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