6 common mistakes people make while going for a hiking trip

Gargi Mishra 08-07-2020 12:01 PM Adventure

Hiking and trekking can be a memorable and fun experience of your life, if done right. Taking a walk in nature can be refreshing to your soul and can be rejuvenating. But nature in its rawest and truest forms can be challenging and one wrong step can make your fun hiking trip a disaster. 

To help you get through the nature trails without facing too much trouble, we bring you a list of things you should never do when going on a hiking or trekking trip.

Pick the wrong footwear

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The footwear is very important when you know you're covering a long distance on foot. A good fit shoe or hiking boots can make it easier when covering a rocky terrain. But a wrong size boot can make walking for too long very hard. A hiking boot that has not been broken in can pinch or bite your toes resulting in blisters. So before going for a hike pick the right shoes and make sure they’re not new.

Forget your first aid box

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Basic first aid can always come in handy because you never know what to expect when you are wandering in the wilderness. Prepare for the worst that can happen. Keep a bag full of bandages, cotton pads or balls, gauge, ointments, antiseptics, mosquito repellents, pain relievers and anti allergens. You can also find handy guides by red cross on how to pack a first aid bag.

Not pack enough water and snacks

A small bottle and a simple energy bar may seem enough before the trek but once you start walking specially in summers you would need to re-energise yourself. Keep a big steel water bottle so that the water remains cold. If you are not a fan of big, heavy bottles carry a small one along with a water filter. Ensure it is of good quality before buying. Pack snacks enough, snacks won’t just help you feel refreshed but also help you get adequate time breaks in between the trek.

Not wearing layers or waterproofing yourself

You should be prepared for the worst. Weather can change within seconds, especially while climbing up. So, stay prepared. If you don’t feel like wearing the jackets or coats for now at least pack one, you never know when you might actually need it. A simple misjudgement of the weather can ruin your entire hiking experience.

Not carrying a map with you

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You should always carry a map and also learn how to read it. Your phone must be having the navigation app but it might run out of battery at some point. So it is better that you go old school and keep a map with you. Take a week to learn how to read a map before going on the trek. It is best recommended to carry a topographic map for treks.

Forget your torch or whistle

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No matter how well you plan your trek, unexpected things happen when you are really out there. Things might change, a certain terrain may take longer to cover than you thought, an accident might happen. So, always prepare for more. It is better than getting caught up in an unexpected situation.

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