Water of River Ganga Becomes fit for Drinking in These Cities

Team Grasshopper 13-04-2020 05:57 PM News

A few days back the news flashed that the water of Yamuna River has reached a remarkable level of purity in Delhi, as all the industrial activities have been put on hold during the lockdown. And now joining the list is River Ganga, showing off its sparkling clear water.

What the experts say about this

According to the reports, the water of River Ganga in Haridwar and Rishikesh has become very clean. In the observations made by BD Joshi, Environmental Scientist, after a long time the water of this holy river is pure enough for the spiritual sipping (achaman) in Haridwar. He stated that this is because all the industrial effluents, total dissolved solid, closed dharmashalas, hotels and lodges, and the sewage disposal has been decreased by 500%. 

The General Secretary of Ganga Sabha, Tanmay Vashisht said that he has clearly noticed the difference between the quality of water of Ganga. He also added that he had never seen the holy river appear this clean. He believes that this could be due to the lack of human activities in this area, as no pilgrims are visiting the twin holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, due to the lockdown.

The reports of Uttarakhand PCB scientists

Uttarakhand PCB is keeping a check on the quality of the water of Ganga. SS Pal, one of the Chief Scientists of PCB, said that the water quality has improved and is safe for bathing and drinking after some necessary treatment in Haridwar. While in Rishikesh, the water is drinkable after some disinfection treatment. He also added that the presence of Sewage Treatment plants in Uttarakhand could also be one of the reasons behind the improved quality of the river water.

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Water of River Ganga Becomes fit for Drinking in These Cities

the water of river Ganga becomes pure enough for drinking in Rishikesh and Haridwar as human activities come to a halt during lockdown