A place full of magic: Shangarh

Gargi Mishra 17-02-2020 12:28 PM Soul Journey

My exams had just ended and I was brewing travel plans in my head. A place so serene, a place so magical, that's what I was looking for. And then this happened! I couldn’t stop myself from visiting this place after I read about it in a WhatsApp group. A very spontaneous plan to visit Shangarh popped up among a group of 3 girls. Where one got busy elsewhere, the other two decided to explore this lesser-known place in the footsteps of Great Himalayan National Park.

Set afar from the city's chaos, located in the pristine Sainj Valley is a quaint hamlet, Shangarh. Its seamless beauty, tranquil environment, natives' jolly faces and picturesque paths are sure to weave for you tons of memories. It did for me! I am a person who chooses the roads not taken, hence landed myself into the magical world of Shangarh. It is known to be one of the most beautiful meadows in Kullu’s region of Himachal Pradesh. in the footsteps of Great Himalayan National Park.

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