Jewel at the Heart of India: Panchmarhi

Gargi Mishra 29-02-2020 06:07 PM Soul Journey
Pachmarhi, aka ‘Satpura ki Rani, situated at a  height of 2560 meters, is one of the jewels of Madhya Pradesh, India. Pachmarhi is one of the most beautiful hill-stations in India. The hill station is gorgeously endowed with natural beauty with a perfect balance of history. Satpura’s mountain range is believed to be the seven sons of Vindhya Ranges. Legends have it that their birth was to avert the path of the angry Narmada river which was overflowing and in its wrath was drowning the whole earth.  I didn’t know about the place until I visited my friend in Bhopal who was pursuing journalism from a university there. When I went to Bhopal, I was just going to meet my childhood friend whom I had not met in the months since he moved to the city. But, destiny has planned something else for us the moment I boarded the train.

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