Tools and Apps to help Travel Better with the New Normal

Gargi Mishra 08-08-2020 01:45 PM Tips

Though the countries are opening, the travellers are still unsure about travelling and forced to think local. Travellers all over the world are preferring closer destinations where they can reach through their private vehicles. Proximity and safety are the new mantras of travel. Some new apps and tools have been introduced to help the travellers have a smooth trip even in these times. They will help adapt and travel with safety in the new normal.


As the number of people taking road trips through their cars to closer destinations. It seems a perfect and safe alternative. Roadtrippers is a travel planning app that has a resource for pooling offbeat destinations from around the world. Roadtrippers finds unique places for you based on your recommendations. It has a database with millions of locally recommended stops, museums, unique spots between routes, top sights, diners, camping location, and more.

Unhotel Co.

This Gurugram based app helps us find unconventional solutions by picking for us safe accommodations at a perfect location. The app has been around for four years but it seems more helpful now than ever. The app searches offbeat accommodation locations that keep you away from the crowded hotels and streets. The app will also notify users about the guidelines issued by state governments and keep them updated with travel options.

GoMechanic App

A road trip is safe and fun until your car breaks down. The thought of your car stopping in the middle of nowhere sends chills down the spine. But the GoMechanic app is here to the rescue, as through this app you can find the nearest service station in just a few clicks. The app also helps you find roadside assistance. You can make payments online and keep up with the social distancing. No more wasting time looking for help.

Social Distancing Tool

Google has introduced a new tool that helps you maintain social distancing by using AR - augmented reality. This tool uses augmented reality to map the space around you and draw a two-meter radius circle around you. You can see that using your camera and with this, you can keep a fair distance from others. You do not have to download a new app, just go to your google app, look up Sodar and launch it. It is only available to android users.

Temperature Reading Glasses

Rokid is a technology company that specialises in robotics and AI development. The company has been producing AR Rokid glasses since May 2019. But in the light of recent events, it has added a new feature to it that helps the wearer see the temperature of ten people around him simultaneously. The glasses are quite costly, tagged around $7,000, but they seem like a cool thing to own right now.

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