Go on unique adventures at home with these books during lockdown

Gargi Mishra 02-05-2020 04:50 PM Tips

The lockdown has extended yet again and to us restless souls it is feeling like forever. A while ago, I shared with an article on travel movies to hep you with wanderlust, and this time I am back with a short list of books that would take you on a trip to your favourite destination within the comforts of your room and even change the way you look at travelling. Giving you new insight about destinations or the journey to these destinations.

Whenever someone asks me why I enjoy reading so much, I want to sit them down and make them read "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov, where in the last two pages is the letter of the young lawyer explaining how through the books, the banker gave him, he never felt like he was locked in a room for years. How those books took him to different places, made him fall in love and made him realise that the world is a lot more than the materialistic things we always desire for. 

On the same note, I bring to you a list of books that would take you on little adventures of their own. If the lawyer could survive in a room alone with books for fifteen years, we can too for a few weeks, right?

The Great Alone

grasshopper yatra Image

A beautiful novel by Kristin Hannah, a bestselling author. The book takes you to 1974, to a family that who goes to America's last frontier to live off the grid. The book makes you experience the wilderness of Alaska like you would not ever be able to in a usual outing to the scapes. You will moments of danger walking through the untamed forests that would make you bite your nails and flipping pages. You will also witness true beauty of the land itself. 

Always Italy

Well when we really might be able to visit Italy is a tough, but though this book you can take a trip to Italy, in a way only a local would. It is no ordinary book but an ultimate guide to the streets of this beautiful country. The Author, Franes Mayes, has taken us the unknown destinations of la dolce vita, with 350 photos from National Geographic. 

The Rings of Saturn

A book by W.G. Sebald, is a story of the English County of Suffolk on a walking tour, is beyond categorisation. Though the narrator physically just covers a few miles, but his mental journey is far beyond that. In his walk, he sees places meets people and is lost in deep thoughts of history like herring fishes, Colonisation of Congo and the reign of the Chinese Empress. It is perfect story for travelers who like to scratch beneath the surface and discover new things. 

The Art of Travel

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Among the entire where to travel we have forgotten the how and why, this book by Alian de Botton helps us find out that out. In the book the writer doesn't tell us an amazing narration of the daydream travel but he focuses on the little moments of travel that we usually miss out or disregard at the time and look back to them in the future and remember how important they actually were in making that whole experience amazing. Because of this book you'll find yourself looking for a purpose in every travel you've made so far and will make post-lockdown.

The Alchemist

Finding out the purpose of travel or digging in deep to know about the place; the last two books I mentioned focused on the exact same theme but is that the only purpose of travelling. Through this book by Paulo Coelho you will learn how in a journey we actually discover a piece of ourselves that we did not even know was there. Through the story of a shepherd, who is out to find the treasure, Coelho has beautifully described to us how a journey matters more than the destination. If we stay too focused on where we need to get we might miss out on great things in our way.

Remote Places to Stay

Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer, the writers of the book, themselves went off the trodden path discovered 22 remote places around the globe. Namibia to Arctic, some of these places are heard to reach but as you know good things don't come easy. But once you make it to these places, you know they were worth the effort. Reading about these adventures will make you realise that the journey makes the destination more appealing. Some of these places might find home in your travel bucket list. 

Tulum Gypset

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This book by Julia Chaplin is about Tulum - a Mexican hideaway that is also a perfect destination for the Gypset (Gypsy + Jetset). This little highway is tucked away in between the Mayan ruins and the Sian Ka'an biosphere, making it a hidden treasure. A perfect destination for those seeking the sun and spirituality. This books heals and connects, it may as well give you a new approach towards life 

Dark Star Safari

A book that highlights the deeper and the brighter side of the African Safari. Though many of us admire the continent for its amazing safari trips but in this book about the journey from Cairo to Cape Town, you will discover a lot of things that were probably not so fascinating to us before. This book explores the same theme as The Rings of Saturn, in a way, as it tells us that a place is a lot more than we think it is. Through this book take a trip to through African continent, experiencing the Dilemmas of Theroux, and know this continent in a new way, while sitting in your room.

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